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I love my nexus one! My impressions so far.

I had been waiting for a while to get a newer, real smart phone, like the cool kids. But i don't like the iPhone - it's just too closed (get a mac to develop on it? can't officially sync from linux?) and i'm tired of having to work around stubborn companies. The Palm Pre doesn't excite me. Neither do the latest offerings from RIM. That leaves Android devices. Here in Canada, Rogers has the HTC Dream (aka the G1) and Magic, which are the older ones, with slowish processors. I was just waiting for the Nexus One and when it became available, i jumped on it. Ordered an engraved N1 on tuesday at 19:00, and friday around noon, had it in my hands. Here are my impressions after a week of using it, the gist of which is that this phone is a WIN.

Tags: english, geeky, linux, screwtheman

by wiswaud on 26 March 2010 | 0 comments

How do normal people sync their life between computers?

So i have a laptop and a desktop, like lots of people do. My desktop is great: large monitor, quadcore CPU, 8GB ram, RAID-1 hard drives with lots of space, wired connection. My laptop, a Lenovo x300, is also great but in different ways: it's very small and sturdy, and still kinda fast, but nowhere near the desktop. So i work on both frequently - even within a single day i'll work on both. But i want my files to be accessible from both places easily, and synchronize them... But not all of them. And particularly not the hg /svn/cvs/bzr/whatever sandboxes: for those, i want to use normal DVCS flows, and if i need to move in-flight work i'll use mq patches. So what i came up with is this:
Tags: english, geeky, linux

by wiswaud on 11 February 2010 | 0 comments

A look at rackspacecloud.com vs AWS (updated)

Is slapping an API on top of a VPS hosting provider's systems enough to call it "Cloud Computing"??? I think not, but Rackspace thinks so. A look at rackspacecloud.com. I've been using Amazon Web Services for a while, for Akoha and now for a client. In particular, using EC2 ("cloud servers" - on-demand virtual servers, basically), with EBS (attached storage, a little like iSCSI drives), and some S3 usage (cloud object storage, for storing server images, scripts, and all sorts of files). But Rackspace, a great and huge more traditional hosting / colocation company, has recently gotten in the cloud server game with their rackspacecloud offering. But how does it compare to AWS?
Tags: cloud, english, geeky, linux, web

by wiswaud on 16 July 2009 | 0 comments

why i like google's NeatX announcement

Just saw a post on /. about Google releasing a Free NX server clone (Google Open Source Blog post), NeatX. That's good news for all - see below for why.
Tags: english, geeky, linux, python

by wiswaud on 15 July 2009 | 0 comments

PEP-8 cheatsheet

When writing python code, i do try to conform to the PEP-8 coding style, but quickly looking up some detail in the spec always takes more than a few seconds as it's rather verbose. So i wrote example python code that concisely shows all the PEP-8 recommendations in 1 page of commented code. You can download the PDF version or the raw script. Read below to see it inline.
Tags: english, geeky, linux, python

by wiswaud on 9 July 2009 | 0 comments

mirror, mirror, tell me where to get my software!

There are many mirrors for Debian, the linux kernel, and Ubuntu (the 3 main pieces i care finding mirrors for). But if you're in Montréal, there's better ones than what you see in the official lists, for when you want to download the latest Ubuntu CD.
Tags: english, geeky, linux, ubuntu

by wiswaud on 14 November 2008 | 0 comments

fight the spam...

i usually get a fair amount of spam, and lately it was about 50-100/day. About 2/3s of which is caught by Thunderbird's spam filter, which at least doesn't have many false positives, but that still leaves a lot of crap in my inbox. Yesterday i put in some changes in my postfix setup, and i'm down to less than 10 (judging from the only 2 spams i got overnight)... very cool. See below for the changes i did.
Tags: english, geeky, linux, spam sucks

by wiswaud on 30 October 2007 | 0 comments

new nvidia driver in feisty...

I was having some trouble with installing the latest nvidia driver in Feisty; a nifty little program solved it...
Tags: geeky, linux, ubuntu

by wiswaud on 26 September 2007 | 0 comments

killing the immortals

Some tasks can't be killed, like the ones that are accessing a mount that's dead. That's a problem when you've lost contact with an NFS server, as you're left with a bunch of processes that are hanging there. Any admin knows of this issue, so i thought i'd post something about the fact that for NFS, it's about to be "fixed" (it's not really a bug, it's meant that way for several reasons, but i'd argue that most of the time we do want to kill it).

Tags: english, geeky, linux

by wiswaud on 4 September 2007 | 0 comments

Speeding up your linux mounts...

If you're running linux, here's a tip that you must have heard already, but you might have forgotten to put in your new installs: add the noatime,nodiratime,data=writeback mount options. It'll speed things up in a huge way. It may break things like mutt, but i always use noatime and i don't think i've seen many things break because of it (or, rather, i haven't been able to blame noatime to any of the little problems i've seen :) ).

Tags: english, geeky, linux, ubuntu

by wiswaud on 9 August 2007 | 2 comments

samsung 205BW in Feisty...

I couldn't get that monitor to work in its native resolution (1680x1050 60Hz) in Ubuntu Feisty, with the Intel driver... tried almost everything. Finally googled deep enough to find the problem, so here's the solution, in case you're still searching.
Tags: english, geeky, linux, ubuntu

by wiswaud on 6 July 2007 | 1 comment

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