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Vidéotron's and Bell's deceptive tactics and internet access ripoffs

It's funny how we hear about Vidéotron's Ultimate Speed 50 Mbps access, and now Bell's Fibe 25 Mbps access (i can't link directly to the service - click on Fibe 25) and we're told how great they are. They're actually both humongous ripoffs, if you have even basic math skills and 5 minutes ahead of you. Why? They both advertise those great speeds, but hidden behind those figures, in very small print, behind 2-3 clicks from the product pages, you'll find abysmal monthly transfer caps. This means that, yes you have a very fast connection. But if you were to use it fully, you'd very quickly fall into a lot of debt.
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by wiswaud on 17 February 2010 | 0 comments

How do normal people sync their life between computers?

So i have a laptop and a desktop, like lots of people do. My desktop is great: large monitor, quadcore CPU, 8GB ram, RAID-1 hard drives with lots of space, wired connection. My laptop, a Lenovo x300, is also great but in different ways: it's very small and sturdy, and still kinda fast, but nowhere near the desktop. So i work on both frequently - even within a single day i'll work on both. But i want my files to be accessible from both places easily, and synchronize them... But not all of them. And particularly not the hg /svn/cvs/bzr/whatever sandboxes: for those, i want to use normal DVCS flows, and if i need to move in-flight work i'll use mq patches. So what i came up with is this:
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by wiswaud on 11 February 2010 | 0 comments

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