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Updates to the site, now with blueprint goodness

I pushed some updates to my puny little site, the most significant of which is that i now use the Blueprint CSS framework for layout, as it nicely includes everything i want: reset, columns, and a nice set of base styles. And it's small and fast to load. I wish there was the same thing but fluid: where it would adjust the column width to the browser's resolution. I've always been fairly opposed to fixed-width layouts, but i really wanted a nice, easy to use, cross-browser column layout thingy and i couldn't find a non-hacky, clean fluid one. I also put in a cleaner, text-only widget for my tweets. Nothing exciting, really.

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by wiswaud on 27 July 2009 | 0 comments

A look at rackspacecloud.com vs AWS (updated)

Is slapping an API on top of a VPS hosting provider's systems enough to call it "Cloud Computing"??? I think not, but Rackspace thinks so. A look at rackspacecloud.com. I've been using Amazon Web Services for a while, for Akoha and now for a client. In particular, using EC2 ("cloud servers" - on-demand virtual servers, basically), with EBS (attached storage, a little like iSCSI drives), and some S3 usage (cloud object storage, for storing server images, scripts, and all sorts of files). But Rackspace, a great and huge more traditional hosting / colocation company, has recently gotten in the cloud server game with their rackspacecloud offering. But how does it compare to AWS?
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by wiswaud on 16 July 2009 | 0 comments

why i like google's NeatX announcement

Just saw a post on /. about Google releasing a Free NX server clone (Google Open Source Blog post), NeatX. That's good news for all - see below for why.
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by wiswaud on 15 July 2009 | 0 comments

PEP-8 cheatsheet

When writing python code, i do try to conform to the PEP-8 coding style, but quickly looking up some detail in the spec always takes more than a few seconds as it's rather verbose. So i wrote example python code that concisely shows all the PEP-8 recommendations in 1 page of commented code. You can download the PDF version or the raw script. Read below to see it inline.
Tags: english, geeky, linux, python

by wiswaud on 9 July 2009 | 0 comments

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